Class - Fixing Mistakes Part 2 Beyond Stockinette (2.5 hrs)

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Date/Time: Wed. 11/17 at 10:15am - 12:45pm

Instructor:  Stephanie

Class style:  In Person, 6 people maximum.

Everyone makes mistakes!  Stephanie will show you how to fix and recover from several of the most commonplace mistakes, errors, and boo-boos knitters tend to make. This class will show you tips and tricks to fix mistakes in knit-purl based fabrics like ribbing, garter and seed stitch.  Then you can apply these skills to other types of fabrics and stitch patterns.

This class requires you to come prepared with a swatch on your needles and ready to go. 
See the Pre-class Homework assignment HERE.

This is an in person, hands-on class. Enrollment is limited to 6 people.  Due to the nature of an in-store class and space limitations, social distancing may be a challenge.  At this time, masks will be required in classes and lessons due to close interactions when demonstrating skills.  Your instructor and shop staff are fully vaccinated.

Please review our Group Classes Policies before registering for this class.

Skills required to take this class:

  • Students must be able to cast-on, knit, and purl confidently and unassisted and be able to complete the pre-class homework assignment.
  • Students should be able to confidently identify a knit stitch and a purl stitch in their knitted fabric.
  • Strongly recommended that students take Fixing Mistakes Part 1 in stockinette fabric first.  (Or already have similar skills and ability to fix mistakes in stockinette fabric.)

Topics and skills you'll learn in class:

  • Unknit (or "tink") your stitches. (tink = knit spelled backwards)
  • Rip out multiple stitches or rows at once.
  • Getting stitches back on your needles correctly.
  • Picking up dropped stitches.
  • turning a Knit into a Purl or vice versa.
  • laddering down one or more stitches for several rows to make a fix.

Materials to bring to class:

    1. The pre-class homework assignment.  DO NOT BIND OFF!  Leave your knitting on your needles.  You will tink, rip, drop, and rebuild your swatch during class as you practice each skill.
    2. The yarn and needles used for your homework.
    3. Miscellaneous spare needles in various sizes, especially 2 or more sizes smaller than the needles you used for your pre-class homework.  These spare needles are recommended to be circulars, and/or double pointed needles, and/or cable needles.  Straight needles are less desirable for this purpose, but if that's what you have, bring 'em.  Don't buy spare needles just for this class.  We'll have some on hand for you to try and then you'll know what you might want to add to your tool kit.
    4. Miscellaneous spare crochet hooks in various sizes.  Pick hooks that are roughly equal in size to your knitting needle down to several sizes smaller.  Avoid hooks that are much larger than the needle size you use for your pre-class homework.  Don't buy spare hooks just for this class.  We'll have some on hand for you to try and then you'll know what you might want to add to your tool kit.
    5. Locking stitch markers.  These are the kind that open and close and have a blunt point.  We want markers that we can insert anywhere on our needles or in our fabric on the fly.
    6. Reading glasses or other vision boosters can be very helpful.  Know thy self.


Download a PDF of the class description HERE.

Download a PDF of the pre-class homework assignment HERE.


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