Group Classes

We offer classes and private lessons on a wide range of topics and skills in the fiber arts from Knitting, Crochet, Spinning, and Weaving.  If we know how to do it, then we want to teach you how to do it too!  If there's something you want to learn and we don't have a class scheduled, we're 99% certain we can accommodate you with a private lesson, just ask. 

You can see our current class offerings on the Classes and Services page of our online store.

Some classes include a pattern and yarn in the cost, but most classes do not include the cost of materials.  Please read the class descriptions carefully.  We design and price our classes to cover the cost of instruction.   We know we're not the only LYS in town, and we know that you might have just the right thing in your stash already.  Go ahead, use your stash, find your perfect yarn.  You are not required to buy your materials here, but we appreciate it when you do.  The class descriptions will tell you what kind of yarn to look for and may recommend yarns that we carry that will excel in your class project.  There is a 10% discount on yarn purchased for classes.


Group Class Policies

Please be considerate to your other classmates and arrive to class on time.  Your instructor will prioritize maintaining the pace of the class.  Playing catch-up with late students detracts from teaching time.

Your instructor designed your class time to balance learning, demonstrating, and practicing. Question and answer time is incorporated in every class.  At the end of class your teacher will be busy packing and making the space tidy for the next class or lesson.  Please do not hold your questions for "after class," your teacher is available for questions during class.

No refunds or price adjustments will be provided for late arrivals or no-shows.

In most cases, cancellations may be made up to 1 week before the day of the class for a full refund as store credit only.  

Some classes may require registration to be closed and finalized in advance of the first class to order, or prepare materials, or to provide advance notice to instructors for creating class materials.  

Group classes have a minimum enrollment quota that must be reached in order for the class to run (the minimum varies for each class/class-type/teacher).  We will evaluate enrollment status 3-7 days before a class starts to determine if a cancellation must be made.  If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment we will contact you 3-7 days before the class to discuss options.  We cannot hold your class payment for a spot in an unscheduled future class.  You will be eligible for a full refund, however we may offer options such as private lessons, or a tiny group class with adjusted pricing. (Please note that some payments methods cannot be refunded directly and may require refund as store credit; namely some debit cards.)  

To initiate a cancellation please contact us directly (in-person at the brick-and-mortar shop or by phone during shop hours 410-788-7262).  We cannot hold your class payment for a spot in an unscheduled future class.  

Face masks are still required for classes at this time. Due to the intimate nature of hands-on demonstrating and teaching face-to-face, social distancing may be a challenge.  Our staff and your instructor will be fully vaccinated when classes resume in June 2021.  

We cannot accommodate use of the shop tables before or after your scheduled class.  Please plan to pack your work at the end of your lesson to allow the instructor to tidy the space prior to the next class or private lesson.

Food and drinks are discouraged unless you are staff on duty (we do not want our staff to go hungry when they are working all day shifts!). If you are attending a scheduled class, gathering, or private lesson, drinks are ok is covered, capped, or lidded.  No open cups please.  If you are attending a scheduled class, gathering, or private lesson, small bitesize snacks are ok.  No food or meals at this time please.